The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle


Your Pain-Free Roadmap Through Tax Season 

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Are your numbers a mess?

I've got you. This is all you'll need to get your business finances ready for taxes...without missing deadlines or deductions!

The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle

✓ Comprehensive Tax Prep Checklist + Guide to Maximizing Your Tax Deductions

✓ Six Easily Digestible Video Lessons

✓ High-Value Plug-and-Play Templates

Plus Bonus Walkthrough on How to File a Free Tax Extension

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" I was able to put into practice my new knowledge. I felt accomplished and empowered."

Pilar A.

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Feeling panicky about tax time?

Despite your best intentions, maybe you didn’t keep up with all of your numbers throughout the year…and now you are scrambling to figure out what you need to do to get it all together in time.

Or maybe this is your FIRST year filing taxes as a self-employed individual, and you feel clueless as to what you need to do to stay out of trouble with the IRS AND get all those tax deductions you deserve?

I get it. As someone who has worked with THOUSANDS of small business owners, I can confirm that you are NOT ALONE.

First things first… stop beating yourself up about it!

Yep - feeling bad about where you’ve been doesn’t serve you…in fact, it keeps you from taking ACTION.

We’re all human, and this last year hasn’t been a walk in the park for ANY of us.  Instead of feeling shame that our finances aren’t 100% buttoned up and ready for taxes, let’s change that, shall we?

Trying to scour the web to figure out what to do for taxes will yield a massive amount of results and probably just increase the level of anxiety you already feel.

So, let’s cut to the chase. I’ve created something that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your finances in order for taxes, meet all those pesky IRS deadlines, AND help you legally lower your tax bill as much as possible. 

Don't worry,

I've got you covered.

The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle is just what you need to get tax ready before you can say "double declining balance depreciation" (and no, we absolutely DON'T say that in this course!)

>> You'll have all the resources you need to pull together an accurate Profit and Loss Statement, make the most of your tax deductions, and stay on the IRS "nice" list (because NO ONE wants to be on their naughty list!). 

>> Why listen to me? I'm a Certified Public Accountant, and financial statements are my love language. Put down the IB Profen, I know all the tricks of the trade to save you precious time and headaches! 

No more avoiding the inevitable.

Let's get this knocked out in a flash, shall we?


The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle is EXACTLY what you need right now.

Instead of days or even could be done in mere HOURS from now

That means getting precious time back to use on more important growing your business (or binging the Vampire Diaries on Netflix).

Your time and sanity are priceless. 

Get The Bundle for Just $149 Now!


No more scrambling to get everything together last minute


No more worrying you are missing something important

No more wondering if you are paying Uncle Sam more than you absolutely need to

- What's Included -

 Let's take a peek

A Comprehensive Tax Prep Checklist and a Guide to Maximizing Your Tax Deductions

The Tax Prep checklist walks you through what you need to do and when as you get your tax information together for your business.

The Guide to Maximizing Your Tax Deductions gives you a list of key tax deductions, along with some strategies to maximize your deductions. 

In these resources you'll find:

✓ All the important tax deadlines

✓ What information you need to pull together and how to do it in a flash

✓ A list of some of the commonly missed tax deductions and how to maximize your tax savings

✓ Steps you can take to make tax time even easier next year

Six Video Lessons

These video lessons correspond directly with the checklist and give expanded insights in an easy-to-understand way.

What does it include:

✓ Short informative lessons that won't make you doze off

✓ Some key shortcuts you can take when pulling your numbers together

✓ A deeper dive into some common questions, like how and when you need to issue 1099s

✓ A discussion of commonly missed deductions, including deductions for home-based businesses, auto usage, and more.

PLUS a Bonus Walkthrough on How to File a Free Tax Extension

Plug-and-Play Templates

These high-value templates come in both Excel and Google Sheets and can save you hours of extra work

What does it include:

✓ A Profit and Loss Template to help you create a P&L on the fly without the need of an expensive software

✓ A mileage tracker to help you track miles all year long, or estimate them if you didn't track all year.

✓ A Home Office Deduction Maximizer Calculator that will help you make sure to get the most out of your tax savings

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, I'm Jamie Trull.


Financial Literacy Coach, Hamilton superfan, enjoyer of a glass of Cabernet with a good mystery book, and — if you like —your guide as you get allll those numbers together.

Even though I’ve got a CPA license and 15 years of experience in finance and accounting, my real passion is explaining complex topics to small business owners and solopreneurs in a non-technical way to make them easy to understand and put into practice.

I’m not one of those accountants that will use a whole bunch of buzz words and jargon…we won’t be talking about things like “EBITDA” or “synergies” here (UGH).  Instead, it’s all explained in words that make actual sense in the real world of entrepreneurship.  

In other words, I’m not your father’s CPA.

And my #1 mission is to see more entrepreneurs not just surviving, but THRIVING in both their professional and personal lives.

If you've read this far...

You probably already know you need this. 

But just in case you need ONE MORE reason to jump in on this deal...did I mention it's a tax deduction? 

The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle

✓ Comprehensive Tax Prep Checklist + Guide to Maximizing Your Tax Deductions

✓ Six Easily Digestible Video Lessons

✓ High-Value Plug-and-Play Templates

PLUS Bonus Walkthrough on How to File a Free Tax Extension

Claim This Ultimate Bundle for $149 Now