Stimulus Resources for Your Small Business

Many business owners are still overwhelmed 🤯 and confused by the stimulus 💸 and loan options 💸💸. Things have changed a lot over the past year with new bills and additional guidance being released. I'm devoted to bringing you all the info you need to know.


Employee Retention Tax Credit for Employers. You could now be eligible for up to $33,000 per employee. Get my calculator today. 

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PPP Forgiveness

Is your PPP Loan under $150,000? Learn how to get your PPP Loan fully forgiven with this PPP forgiveness webinar and calculator.  

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EIDL Loan guidance from the SBA changed in March 2021. Use my Interest Calculator and Tracker to help you make the best decisions with yours. 

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FFCRA Sick Leave

Self Employed Individuals (Schedule C filers) may be eligible to receive a tax credit for sick leave and dependant care due to COVID. Use my calculator to determine your credit. 

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Determine Your Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)

This calculator is for employers who have W-2 employees (NOT just yourself or family members).

 YOU could be eligible for a federal tax credit (i.e. free money!) of up to $33,000 per employee! This calculator has been fully updated to the newest guidance available after the passage of the American Rescue Plan in March 2021.

You can now qualify for this credit EVEN if you were not shut down AND you received a PPP loan.

ERTC Calculator


This ERTC calculator will help you:

  • Understand the rules to qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, including an easy-to-follow flow chart illustrating the 2020 and 2021 rules (including the extension to Q3 and Q4!).
  • Determine which quarters you qualify for the tax credit based on gross receipts, as well as when you no longer qualify. 
  • Estimate the tax credits you might be eligible to take retroactively in 2020 and proactively in 2021!  (Yes, even if you received a  PPP loan!)

Looking for 1-1 support on your ERTC application? We do not personally offer 1:1 services, however, we do have a great recommendation for this! Kristi Stone is a CPA offering consults on the Employee Retention Credit specifically.  As a Balance CFO/Jamie Trull referral, you can book here.

How to get your PPP Loan Forgiven (Loans under $50,000)

This webinar and calculator created by my Preferred Vendor Hannah Smolinski covers what you need to know to get your PPP Loan forgiveness when you have a loan under $50,000. 

Note: This is available for immediate access. This Webinar was recorded on June 9th 2021 and access information will come from Hannah Smolinski, at Clara CFO.  

PPP Loan Forgiveness Webinar and Calculator


This Calculator & Webinar will help you:

  • Calculate your PPP Forgiveness
  • Calculate Owner Compensation 
  • Understand PPP Forgiveness Basics
  • Learn about Documentation Requirements
  • Determine Eligible Expenses for PPP
  • Discuss 3 forgiveness scenarios
  • FAQs

How to get your PPP Loan Forgiven (Loans between $50,000- $150,000)

This webinar and calculator created by my Preferred Vendor Hannah Smolinski covers what you need to know to get your PPP Loan forgiveness when you have a loan under $150,000. 

Note: This is available for immediate access after July 28th. This Webinar will be recorded on July 28th 2021 and access information will come from Hannah Smolinski, at Clara CFO. If you purchase before July 28th you are saving your seat and can attend live or catch the replay.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Webinar and Resources


These Resources & 2 Hour Webinar will help you:

  • Tips for MAXIMIZING PPP loan forgiveness for Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Farmers, and Corporations
  • Deciding on your ideal covered period (8 wks - 24 wks)
  • Explanation of your FTE reduction calculation (loans between $50k and 150k need this!)
  • How to document your expenses for PPP forgiveness
  • How to be prepared for an SBA audit
  • How to submit your file for forgiveness
  • Update on relevant guidance
  • Worksheets and templates for your forgiveness calculation
  • Q&A with Hannah!
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Make a Plan to Pay Off Your Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

This calculator and tracker is for anyone that took out an EIDL loan during the year 2020.

Note that in March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act was passed, which allowed an additional deferral of principal and interest payments for another 12 months and also allowed for some EIDL borrowers to receive a second loan.

This spreadsheet is fully updated for this new guidance and includes BOTH an Excel and Google Sheets compatible version.

EIDL Interest Calculator and Tracker


This calculator & tracker will help you:

  • Calculate your new estimated monthly payments after the new Stimulus Bill extended deferral was passed, including the impact of taking a loan increase.
  • Calculate your total interest paid over the life of the EIDL loan, including the impact of taking a loan increase or making early payments.
  • Calculate how much making early or extra payments would change the total interest you must pay and how long it would take to pay off your loan.
  • Track your payments made with your EIDL loan in order to show proof if ever requested by the SBA.

Calculate Your COVID-19 Sick and Family Leave Tax Credit for Self Employed (FFCRA)

Are you Self-Employed and took time off during 2020 due to Covid-19 sick leave OR stay home with children due to school closures? 

YOU could be eligible for a federal tax credit (i.e. free money!) of over $15,000! Get our calculator today!

Covid-19 Leave Tax Credit Calculator for Self-Employed


This ERTC calculator will help you:

  • Determine whether you qualify for the tax credit.
  • Calculate the amount of tax credit you can claim on your 2020 taxes.
  • Check against the calculation done by your tax preparer or tax prep software to ensure you are getting the full benefit you deserve!

Tax Impacts of Stimulus Funds Chart

Head spinning about PPP, EIDL, unemployment, grants, tax credits, etc? Looking to understand what is taxable and what isn't?  Grab the FREE full flow chart here and get some clarity!

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