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Discover the power of simplicity with our NEW Inventory Worksheet, tailored for small business owners. This cost-effective tool offers comprehensive tracking and auto-calculation features, making inventory management a breeze. Say goodbye to overstock and stockouts, and hello to smarter financial planning.

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Welcome to Simplified, Effective Inventory Control

Does your small business carry inventory? Perhaps you’ve looked into inventory software to help you get a handle on your stock, but they all feel too complex and too expensive for what you do.

Indeed, there are some great inventory management software's out there…but they typically cost hundreds of dollars a month, and that just doesn’t make sense for micro businesses.

Our Inventory Management Worksheet is here to change the game. Designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to track finished goods inventory, it offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution for inventory tracking and management, for a one-time low cost.

Why Our Worksheet is a Game-Changer:
  • Simplicity Meets Efficiency: Tailored for businesses focused on buying and reselling inventory, our worksheet simplifies inventory management.
  • Auto-Calculation Features: Say goodbye to manual errors. Our worksheet does the math, so you can focus on your business.
Our worksheet isn't just a tracking tool; it's your strategic partner in inventory management. Here's what it offers:
  • Comprehensive Tracking: From opening stock to sales and adjustments, track everything in one place.
  • Insightful Metrics: Understand your inventory turnover, identify best sellers, and make informed decisions.
  • Reorder Planning: Know precisely when and how much to reorder, avoiding stockouts or overstocking.
  • Financial Impact: Understand how your inventory affects your financials, helping in better budgeting and financial planning.
How Can It Help You?
  • Reduce Overstock and Stockouts: By providing precise reorder points and quantities.
  • Improve Cash Flow: By optimizing inventory levels, freeing up capital tied in excess stock.
  • Enhance Decision Making: With data-driven insights, make smarter purchasing and sales strategies.
  • Impress your Accountant: Your CPA will be speechless when you send them this worksheet at tax time.
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What you get:

✅ Our inventory tracking worksheet that you can use in either Excel or Google Sheets. No ongoing fees!

✅ Track up to 50 product SKUs using the average cost methodology. Keep up with your stock balances, in-transit stock, and value of your stock.

✅ Metric calculations to help you make important decisions, such as which inventory to reorder, how much to reorder, and what the projected reorder date is. You’ll also be able to easily see your inventory turnover ratios and top selling products.

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