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My exclusive bonus offers will give you support to keep it profitable. 


Have more time doing what you LOVE...

...and spend less time doing what you don't. You started this journey with a vision of freedom, passion, and control. But somewhere along the way, that dream got buried under endless hours of work, leaving you drained and distant from the life you once imagined.

I've been there. Just a few years ago, I felt trapped in a cycle of constant hustle, trading my precious hours for dollars. The entrepreneurial dream that once burned so brightly seemed dimmed by exhaustion and overwhelm.

I yearned for more – not just more revenue, but more moments with loved ones, more laughter, more memories. I wanted to reignite the passion that led me to start my own business, to teach and inspire others without feeling chained to my desk.

But how? With a growing Facebook community and budding email list, I knew I had the potential to make a difference. But the path forward was foggy, and my dream seemed perpetually out of reach.

Then, everything changed.
A serendipitous series of events led me to Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy®️. It wasn't just a course; it was a lifeline. I took a leap of faith, went ALL IN, and transformed not just my business, but my entire life.

If you're standing where I once stood, feeling lost and longing for more, know this: Your dream is still within reach. Let me show you the way.

How DCA completely changed my life…

Meeting Amy and investing in DCA gave me the support and guidance I needed to 10x my business and ultimately change my life.

Did buying the course MAKE me successful? Of course not. I had to put in the work to implement it. But it was the key TOOL that I utilized as a framework to build and sell my online courses. Without it, I could have spent YEARS in trial and error mode, bingeing on free content that didn't actually get me anywhere, and wondering why all my effort just wasn't working.


By the Close of DCA, Here's Where You'll Stand:

🌟 Clarity Over Confusion: You'll have a crystal-clear course topic, putting an end to years of mere contemplation.

🚀 Validation & Momentum: Before even hitting the record button, you'll have pre-sold your course. This not only confirms your audience's eagerness but also fuels your journey with a motivating mix of confidence and cash. (yup that is exactly what I did with my courses and I learned how from Amy!) 

🎥 Tech? No Sweat: Even if the mere thought of tech sends shivers down your spine, you'll have all your course content recorded and ready to roll. (And if you've never faced a camera before? Don't worry, I was once in those shoes too!)

✉️ Sales Mastery: With a persuasive sales page and a post-webinar email sequence, you'll maximize your chances of converting every potential student.

💡 And the Best Part? You'll step into a world where consistent, scalable revenue is a reality. Break free from the shackles of trading hours for dollars. Revel in the freedom to choose your projects, your clients, and your focus.


Why is Digital Course Academy the Go-To Choice?

Because it's not just about creating and launching; it's about ensuring your digital course truly sells.

Amy is not just a great teacher...she's a world-class marketer. And her courses have made over $85 million in revenue and you know she knows what she's doing!

Supercharge Your DCA Experience with Jamie's Phenomenal 2023 Bonuses!

Are you ready to take your journey into the world of digital course creation to the next level? If you're considering enrolling in Digital Course Academy (DCA) by the amazing Amy Porterfield, you're in for a treat because Jamie Trull is sweetening the deal even more with her AH-MAZING BONUSES!

Jamie's Ultimate Course Creator's Success Bundle, valued at over $1,800, has been meticulously curated to perfectly complement your DCA lessons. Why? Because Jamie understands what it's like to embark on this transformative journey. She's been in your shoes, and she knows the kind of support and resources that can make all the difference.

With a focus on Cash Flow, Connection, and Coaching Jamie's goal is simple: to help you turbocharge your cash flow, make meaningful and long-lasting connections, and ensure you have the support you need when it matters most.

All you need to do to get Jamie's Success Bundle is to enroll for Digital Course Academy®️ using one of her partner links on this page! For an extra $0 (!!), you'll get both Amy Porterfield's fabulous bonus offers AND you'll have guaranteed access to ALL of these amazing EXTRA bonuses (or should I say BONUS bonuses?) from Jamie! 

So, what's included in Jamie’s Ultimate Course Creator's Success Bundle for 2023?

Valued at $499


Finances are my thing, so this bonus package wouldn’t be complete without the tools and resources you need to have a PROFITABLE first (and second, and tenth) course launch!

Whether you consider yourself a “numbers person” or not, these resources will help you really get a handle on your course finances and remove a lot of the guesswork!

What You Get:

>> My exclusive Profitable Launch Playbook: A Comprehensive Financial Guide to help you navigate your digital course launch to financial success

>> Financial Templates Galore!  You’ll get ALLLLL the templates, worksheets and video tutorials you need to help you:

  • Course Pricing Calculator: Determine the optimal price for your course, considering factors like target audience, content value, and competitors' pricing.
  • Launch Budget Planner: Plan and track all expenses related to the course launch, including marketing, technology, support staff, etc.
  • Ad Spend Optimizer: Calculate and optimize the budget for advertising, including ROI estimation.
  • Profit Projection Dashboard: Project potential profits based on different scenarios, such as best case, worst case, and most likely.
  • Cash Flow Tracker: Manage cash flow by tracking actual revenue from sales, payment plans, and other income sources.
  • Tax & Savings Planner: Calculate potential taxes and recommend savings strategies for financial compliance and security.
  • Metrics & Analytics Tracker: Keep track of essential metrics for continuous growth and improvement.
  • Break-Even Analysis Tool: Determine the break-even point for understanding minimum sales required.
  • Personal Financial Goals Aligner: Align course launch profits with personal financial goals.
  • Post-Launch Profit Assessment: Assess actual profitability versus the plan for future insights.

Valued at $299


Connection was the KEY to me making progress and getting past roadblocks when I created my course…and it  still is critically important to my success today!

The large DCA group can sometimes feel intimidating, so I wanted to create something a little more intimate. A smaller group can make it easier to truly connect with others who are in the same boat as you!

What You Get:

>> A Facebook community ONLY for my bonus buyers to keep each other accountable and encouraged, plus a place to connect outside of the larger DCA group.

>> THREE bonus small group Zoom happy hours + Q&As with me during DCA.  Bring your favorite beverage and let’s hang out together!

  • Kickoff Happy Hour  = Exclusive Mix & Mingle Event.  On October 2nd at 12pm CT / 10am PT we’ll have a mixer and you can find friends and an accountability pod if you want one!
  • October Happy Hour = AI Insights Happy Hour. We’ll explore Artificial Intelligence in Course Creation and how we can continue to learn and embrace working smarter, not harder. I'll even show you some of my favorite AI hacks that save some precious time!
  • November Happy Hour = Legal & Tax Lounge. Understand Legal and Tax Considerations in Course Creation with special guest, Online Business Lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd (the lawyer for both myself AND Amy!)

 >> Plus access to our DCA Bonus Experience Member Directory to take your networking a step further and allow others to find what you have to offer!

Valued at $999


Brand-spanking new for 2023 year, we decided to take our bonus experience to the next level.

We know that even with the best resources available to us, sometimes it's extremely helpful to have truly personalized support when embarking on any new journey.

So, exclusively for those who join through our DCA partner link, you'll get 1:1 support from Jamie via the Voxer app.

With this exclusive Voxer access, you can get direct answers to your questions, share your ideas, and receive expert insights throughout your DCA journey. Whether you need to bounce ideas off someone who’s been there or seek expert guidance, Jamie is here for all of it! 

Not sure what Voxer is? See our FAQ section for more details!

What You Get:

 >> Access to Jamie 1:1 via the Voxer app throughout DCA. You can bounce course ideas or ask questions of a veteran course creator!

 >> Encouragement and support from someone who has been there, done that, and can help keep you motivated and on track if you are feeling stuck.

 >> Direct access to one of Amy's biggest success stories who has generated nearly $2M in revenue through digital courses and other digital products utilizing Amy's DCA methods.


How To Get Your Bonuses:


When enrollment opens, you'll be able to click on any "Enroll" button on this page. If DCA isn't open yet, make sure to join my DCA waitlist!


Complete your enrollment on Amy's DCA landing page my link takes you to.

You'll get Amy's awesome bonuses too!


Forward my team your confirmation email from Amy Porterfield of your DCA enrollment to 

[email protected]


My team will send you an email with all the info you need to get access to your bonuses! Didn't hear from us? Contact 

[email protected]

Take a deep breath because things are about to get really real and Ah-Mazing!

I am SO PUMPED to go on this journey with is worth it!


If you Have a passion to empower others


Digital Course Academy®️ isn't just another program. It's a transformative journey that empowers you to craft and deliver your online course with expertise. More than that, it's about connecting your passion with those who need it most, reaching dozens or even hundreds of eager learners.


See Real Stories from Business Owners who decided it was time to redefine what’s possible and make their big dreams a reality and went all in with Jamie's Partner Bonus Offers for Digital Course Academy

Organizing Expert & Educator

 C Lee Cawley

“Jamie's bonuses for Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy were a game-changer for me. They provided the clarity and direction I needed, especially when it came to understanding the financial side of course creation. With Jamie's guidance, I felt more confident and equipped to navigate my course journey. Her expertise is unmatched, and her bonuses are a must-have for anyone diving into DCA! My favorite part is that I am still meeting with my accountability group that I met through Jamie's connection bonus!

C Lee is now one of Amy's Star Students! Listen to her on Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield Episode 605: How My First Ten Strategy Generated $40,000 In Revenue For These Students here

Abundance Coach

 Dawn Hattison

“I signed up for Jamie’s DCA Bonus Experience because I have followed Jamie for awhile and have attended some of her live webinars. I learned a lot!

I really enjoyed Jamie’s bonus experience, because the financial aspect of business can be intimidating and Jamie is great at simplifying it! She was there for Q and A about your course and she has some great starter spreadsheets and tips to share about financials!

Meet DCA Alumni
Be the Next Success Story


I'm Jamie Trull.

I'm a CPA turned Profit Strategist and Course Creator. Before I learned about courses, I was working 1:1 as a Virtual CFO for several companies, working myself like crazy for my clients and only making a fraction of the money I previously made in my Corporate career. 

And then came Amy Porterfield and Digital Course Academy. By investing my time in DCA fall of 2019 and launching my first course a few months later, I was able to stop working with clients 1-1.

Over time, I was able to build a thriving e-learning company teaching small business finances and helping thousands of entrepreneurs in the process.

Meeting Amy and investing in DCA gave me the support and guidance I needed to 10x my business and ultimately change my life. As soon as Amy became my mentor my audience grew and so did my vision for the future of my business!

I am so excited to be partnering with Amy and offering you my EXCLUSIVE bonuses that are designed to help move you forward and keep you profitable. With this program, you’ll finally have the road map to finding the freedom you were looking for when you started your business.  

Imagine Being Part of a Dynamic Community

...where passionate entrepreneurs rally around you, cheering you on at every stage of your course creation journey. 

⏰ Seize the Moment and Dive In NOW!

A mere year after embarking on my DCA adventure, my story graced the front page of the DCA success stories. It's an honor to stand alongside Amy's dedicated students, many of whom have become cherished friends.

The words that have guided me: "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."

I took the leap in 2019, despite feeling time-crunched. Don't let another year slip away... become a part of this transformative journey today!



If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

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