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Imagine in as little as 3 days saying...

"I LOVE feeling more confident in handling the financial side of my business!"

Samantha - Financial Fitness™ Basics Member

You started your business because it's something you were good at and you loved and then got hit in the face with the realities of being self-employed

…namely finance, accounting, and taxes.

Those topics feel totally out of your realm of understanding...almost like a foreign language.

👉Maybe you worry you are missing something critical.

👉You don't know what you don't know.

👉Maybe you smile and nod when you talk to your accountant but secretly wish someone would explain it in plain English for you.

You know you are a smart person, but conversations around finances bring up all sorts of feelings of inadequacy and even sometimes cause you to second-guess yourself and how awesome you are 🙋.

👉Maybe you've even avoided the topic as long as you can, but you know it's time for a change.

If that's you, I have an important question for you...

If there was a clear and understandable resource to distill all that complicated information into only the key concepts you REALLY need to know…

Would you finally feel confident to stop running from your finances and start tackling them head-on?

If you are answering a resounding 🙌 YES 🙌 to on my friend.

If you are looking for a way to QUICKLY make big strides in your knowledge of finance and accounting without spending countless hours scouring YouTube and Google for the answers only to have even more questions, you've come to the right place.

Whether you just bought your first domain name or you’ve been working in the trenches for years, it's time to take that next step toward a healthier and more profitable business.

Just a week from now, you could be EXCITED to sit down and look at your Profit and Loss statement (yep, even if you don't currently have one!)

Sound intriguing? I thought so... 

But First...

Let's do a little myth-busting shall we?

 MYTH #1: Numbers just aren't my thing.

Sound Familiar?

I hear stuff like that SO often, and most of the time they’re coming out of the mouths of talented, smart, and capable women.

But you know what?

NONE of these statements are true.

>> They are EXCUSES that validate your own inner insecurities.

>>  They are EXCUSES that keep you stuck.

>>They are EXCUSES that validate why you don't make a change.

How do I know that?  Because we ALL do it. 

Understanding your business finances isn't as hard as you've made it out to be in your head.

You don't need to have gotten A's in Calculus to learn this stuff. (And heck, even many who DID get A's in Calculus STILL tell me they have struggled with this.)

The key is to have the right resources and to cut down on all the noise (i.e. stuff that you DON'T need), so you can focus on what is MOST important.

 MYTH #2: I don't have time to learn everything!

There is so much content out there in the can be totally overwhelming. The trouble is figuring out exactly where to start. What do you REALLY need to know as a business owner about finance, accounting, and taxes?

The trick is cutting out all the noise that gets in the way and only focusing on what actually MATTERS.

Business owners don't need to have a Master's in Accounting or an MBA to be successful. But they do need a basic understanding of certain accounting and tax concepts to keep them compliant with the rules, keep them in good graces with Uncle Sam, and protect themselves legally. 

Oh, and also to make sure they aren't paying more taxes than necessary!

All you really need is someone to pick and choose the concepts that are most relevant to YOU and teach those...and cut out the fluff (spoiler alert...I might be able to help with this!)

 MYTH #3: I have an accountant / bookkeeper / Uncle who handles all of this for me.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...

No one knows as much or cares as much about YOUR business as YOU do. 

I absolutely think having professionals around you is important.

But I also think having a base level of knowledge and understanding about your business finances is CRITICAL to success in business.

You don't need to know everything...indeed there are professionals for the super technical stuff. But you DO need to know the fundamentals.

When you are informed, you can ask better questions of your service providers, and even sense-check them when an answer doesn't add up.

You can also make better decisions about your business...because those decisions are solely yours to make, NOT your accountant's (and definitely not Uncle Steve's...after all you've seen him at the holidays and know he has questionable judgment at times).

 MYTH #4: This stuff is so booooo-ring!

I know, I know, no one gets up in the morning super pumped to learn about entity structures or cash flow statements.

But its SUPER important, which is why I'm committed to teaching this information in a way that is interesting and engaging and doesn't make you need to take a nap in the middle (we've all had THAT professor before!)

Despite being a CPA myself, when I hear “accountant” my mind still conjures up an image of a balding man with the thickest glasses you’ve ever seen, fervently typing away on a calculator and talking about net operating loss carryforwards while calling me "sweetheart".

Not someone I’d want to get coffee with and talk about finances, that’s for sure.

And that’s where I come in.

>>I’m not your average accountant. I'm a mom of two young kiddos, an entrepreneur, and a fan of pretty much any television drama meant for teenagers, especially if it involves humans falling in love with vampires or aliens (my not-so-guilty pleasure).

>>I explain things in REAL words, not complicated accounting jargon.

>>I’m dead set on making sure you have that “aha” moment where it all just clicks and suddenly makes sense. And I'll definitely NEVER call you "hon". 

Just listen to what Dora, a  recent student of mine, had to say:

“Even for a tenured business owner, this review course offered clarity and some new insights on how to approach my business. Post-COVID, I feel like I’m starting fresh, and Jamie is a brilliant financial storyteller!”

Post-COVID shutdown, Dora is having to shift her mindset and relearning what she thought she knew about finances -- and you have the opportunity to do the same!

So if you’re ready to make positive changes in your business finances and commit to no longer doing this…

I could not be more excited to introduce you to:   

Financial Fitness™ Basics 

 -  Financial Fitness™ Basics -

 Is the only program of its kind designed to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to help you master business finance fundamentals. 

It's the perfect place to start if you've ever felt super overwhelmed, confused, or even (gulp) embarrassed by your lack of business finance background. 

No judgment. No shame. Financial Fitness™ Basics helps you move forward with confidence! 

And here's what you'll find inside...


This module is all about setting the foundation of business.  We'll talk about how to properly set up your business for success.  

In this module, you'll learn:

The difference between business entity types and how to choose the best one for you; 

The steps to take to make sure you are operating your business as a business; and

How and why to track your data, and what primary data you need to track. 

PLUS: Checklists, guides, and plug-and-play templates to help you implement!

Decoding Financial Statements

In this module, we'll be breaking down how to read and understand the key Financial Statements in your business. This includes the Profit and Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

In this module, you'll determine:

✓What type of activity shows up on a Profit and Loss, and why it matters;

✓What shows up on a Balance Sheet, and whether you should have one;

✓How the Financial Statements interact with one another, and why profit and cash are often different; and

✓Why cash flow matters and how to forecast it.

PLUS: Checklists, guides, and plug-and-play templates to help you implement!

Demystifying Taxes

What the heck are all these taxes, anyway?  We'll talk about the different types of taxes you encounter as a business owner, how to calculate them, and how to pay them.  

In this module, you'll learn:

✓What the different types of taxes are that may impact your business;

✓How these taxes are generally calculated and paid; and

✓Some useful strategies for reducing taxes, as well as how to identify and avoid some not-so-great strategies. 

✓PLUS: Checklists, guides, and plug-and-play templates to help you implement!

And that's not all...

Who Likes FREE Stuff

In addition to the course, for a limited time, you'll get EVEN MORE for your investment: 

All About S Corps Bonus Module

If you are an S Corp or thinking about becoming one, you'll want to watch this before you make that decision. 

Here's what you get:

✓ Learn about S Corp Requirements, Paying Yourself, Taxes, and Compliance

✓ Plus a handy S Corp Checklist to make sure you don't miss anything!

Guide to Avoiding IRS Audit

Even if you are doing everything 100% by the book no one wants to get audited. Getting audited by the IRS can be frustrating and tedious. This guide will help you understand the triggers for an IRS audit and help you avoid some serious red flags. 

What does it include:

✓ 11 Pro Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit

✓ My Top 5 Myths-Busted about IRS Audits - the rumors are not true after all

QuickBooks Online Basics Workshop with Courtney Boudet! 

Learn how to get set up and troubleshoot with QBO! The workshop is pre-recorded and available on-demand in the course!  

What does it include:

✓ Two hour pre-recorded workshop with QBO Guru Courtney Boudet

✓ Plus a Quickbooks Online Basics Workbook

Plug-and Play Financial Worksheets 

Imagine having the financial tools you've needed in your business at your fingertips daily.

What does it include:

✓ Plug-and-Play Spreadsheets to save you $$$ on expensive software

✓ Guides, Checklists, and Workbooks to make what you learn actionable


With your purchase today you get LIFETIME access to the program. 

What does it include:

✓ Access to future updates

✓ Access year after year

✓ Access to our Basics resource library with the most up to date plug-and-play templates we offer

Those bonuses alone would be worth hundreds, but I’m giving you the opportunity to grab them TODAY with the full program...

Financial Fitness™ Basics

for only

$299 you get all this:

✓ 3 Modules to simplify your business finances
✓ Bite-sized videos that WON'T put you to sleep
✓ Plug-and-Play Financial Tools
✓Bonus Module all about S Corps
✓ Bonus Guide to Avoiding IRS Audit

* 3 Pay Option Available on the Checkout Page

What Our Members Are Saying

Don't take our word for it, see what real members have to say after completing the Financial Fitness™ Basics program:

"Financial Fitness™ Basics is a course every business owner needs to take. It gives you the foundational information to set your business up for success and to operate your business year to year."

Small Business Owner

"For so long I struggled to understand the different spreadsheets, numbers, and taxes. It's all so much more clear and I know how to use them to strengthen our business."

Small Business Owner

"Even for a tenured business owner, this review course offered clarity and some new insights on how to approach my business. Post-COVID, I almost feel like I'm starting fresh, and Jamie is a brilliant financial storyteller!"

 Small business owner

You've Got Questions?

Good. We've got answers! 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today

Financial Fitness™ Basics PLUS all our Bonuses

for only

$299 you get all this:

✓ 3 Modules to simplify your business finances
✓ Bite-sized videos that WON'T put you to sleep
 Plug-and-Play Financial Tools
✓Bonus Module all about S Corps
✓ Bonus Guide to Avoiding IRS Audit

* 3 Pay Option Available on the Checkout Page

Financial Fitness™ Basics is PERFECT for you if…

 >>You're just getting started in business and want to get started on the right financial footing.

>>You've been in business for a time but have realized you need to get a better grasp on the finance/accounting/taxes aspect of your business.

>>You are ready and willing to put in the work needed to learn about these topics and are committed to taking action.

>>You've declared that this is the year you will get a better handle on your finances and have started to seek out resources to help you achieve that goal.

>>You know that finances are a weak spot for you and have worried that the business you love may suffer as a result.  

>>You are aware of and excited about the opportunity to feel more confident in the numbers side of your business.

>>You are ready and willing to change some previously held beliefs or habits in favor of new ones that will serve you better financially!

      Now, tally up your score.

Fewer than three? Maybe next time.

Three or more? I can’t wait to meet you inside Financial Fitness™ Basics!


In Case We Haven't Met...


Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist, Hamilton superfan, enjoyer of a glass of Cabernet with a good book, and — if you like — the very someone to help guide you on your financial journey.

You see, I’m a self-professed numbers nerd and I've got the credentials to prove it. I have a Bachelor’s in Analytical Finance and a Master’s in Accounting. I’m a CPA with 10+ years of experience working in Finance Leadership for one of the biggest brands in the world.

In other words, I know a thing or two about business finances.

And my #1 mission is to see more entrepreneurs not just surviving, but THRIVING in both their professional and personal lives. 

Because the more you understand the financial side of your business, the more you can use it to transform not only your own pocketbook but also the world around us.  

I’ll leave you with one last thought.

If you are a person who has traditionally put off gaining control of your finances, only to have the Covid pandemic give you a big wake-up call....

This is your next step to getting back on track. 

And when you enroll in Financial Fitness™ Basics and start binge-watching the 3-course modules, your confidence around your finances will increase DRAMATICALLY and your dreams of financial freedom will become a whole lot more attainable.

So, if you’re ready, I look forward to partnering with you as you commit to making this big step forward.

You in? Get Started Today!

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The Ultimate Getting Ready for Taxes Bundle