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Save Taxes and Set Your Kids up for Financial Success

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A Personal Invitation from a Mom, CPA, and Profit Strategist


Hello, fellow parents and business owners! I'm Jamie Trull, a CPA, Profit Strategist, and a mom to two wonderful kids, aged 10 and 7, who have been actively involved in my small business. Like many of you, I'm passionate about utilizing every opportunity not just to grow my business, but to also instill valuable financial lessons in my children from a young age. Join me as I share my personal and professional insights on how you can do the same—legally and effectively.

Why This Masterclass?

  • Real-Life Application: I’ll share my firsthand experience on how I legally employ my young children in my business, demonstrating the benefits we’ve reaped, including tax savings.
  • Reduce Your Taxes: Learn how to use your business structure—whether it's an LLC, S-Corporation, or sole proprietorship—to hire your children (or grandchildren!) and benefit from substantial tax breaks.
  • Long-Term Financial Success: Discover actionable strategies to set your kids on the path to financial independence, including how you can leverage compound interest in a Roth IRA to make them a millionaire.


Who Should Join?

> Business owners with children (or grandchildren!) under 18 seeking practical tax reduction strategies.
Parents or grandparents who want their children to learn financial responsibility early on.
Entrepreneurs looking for legal ways to enhance their business with family values.


On Demand Masterclass Details! 

📅 When: NOW or whenever you can tune in for about 1 hour
📍 Where: Right where you are! (Yep, it’s online)


*This Masterclass was previously recorded. Due to popularity, we've decided to offer it to watch when it works best for your schedule (and still get the show-up bonus!)

Exclusive Live Attendance Bonus: “101 Jobs Your Kids Can Do in Your Business”  

Special Offer for Live Attendees Only!

As a thank you for joining us live, you will receive an exclusive bonus—our specially crafted guide, “101 Jobs Your Kids Can Do in Your Business.” This invaluable resource breaks down practical and legally compliant jobs categorized by age group that your children can undertake within your business. Whether you operate from home or have a brick-and-mortar establishment, this guide is designed to help you integrate your children into your business effectively and safely.

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Hey, hey, hey!

I'm Jamie Trull

CPA and Profit Strategist, Mom and CEO.

After leaving the Corporate world in favor of a more balanced life, I founded Balance CFO. I quickly realized there was a void for small business owners and self-employed individuals when it came to easily understandable and accessible financial education.

Now I teach Financial Literacy and Profit Strategy to help entrepreneurs maximize their profit and feel more confident about the numbers side of their businesses. My mission with my business (and my life!) is to dissolve the anxiety, shame, and apprehension that can go along with finances.

I’ve seen what a beautiful difference that makes in people’s lives, and I want it for you too. There is a fabulous and free future ahead of you, and I'd love to help you get there!

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