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Jamie Trull  - Digital Course Academy Affiliate Partner
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I have had the pleasure of being on Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast 3 times! Plus interviewing her on my own YouTube Channel. Plus check out the secrets I get her to reveal too!

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Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast With Amy Porterfield: Interviews With Jamie Trull

Episode 280: Validate Your Course Call

Discover the power of validation in creating and launching a successful digital course. Join Amy Porterfield as she shares her 'Course Call' process, featuring a real ideal customer avatar, Jamie Trull. Learn how to ask the right questions, gain clarity, and validate your course idea. Find out how Jamie overcame obstacles, identified her target niche, and leveraged her audience's feedback. Tune in to uncover valuable insights and gain confidence in creating content that resonates with your audience. Don't miss this game-changing episode!

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Bonus Episode: 5-Figures in 6 Months This Could Be You

Discover Jamie's journey of finding balance, eliminating overwhelm, and creating a thriving online business with the help of Digital Course Academy®️. Learn how Jamie launched her profitable course, Financial Fitness Formula, and gained the time and freedom to prioritize her family. Tune in to hear Jamie's valuable insights, misconceptions, and strategies for a successful course launch. If you're ready to grow your online business and make a bigger impact, this episode is a must-listen!

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Episode 372: How Much Does It Actually Cost to Start & Successfully Grow a Business?

Discover the pitfalls of shiny object syndrome and gain clarity on making the right financial investments. Whether you're a new or experienced business owner, understanding your finances is crucial. Jamie shares valuable insights on starting a business from a financial standpoint, aligning financial decisions with your goals, saving strategically, and preparing for taxes. Learn the essential tips for paying yourself and reinvesting in your business.

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 Interviews With Amy Porterfield

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Tech Recommendations For Digital Course Creators

Calling all  Beginner Course Creators and YouTubers! When I first started making videos for online courses and YouTube, I was overwhelmed by the tech. I looked for articles to help simplify it but ultimately created my own when I couldn't find everything I needed to know. 

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Are you thinking about enrolling in Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy? This review, we’ll help you make an informed decision about DCA. My first launch generated nearly $50K in sales. And it was Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy that set it all in motion.

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Hidden Benefits of DCA


How I Found More Freedom


Digital Course Academy Review


Why You Shouldn't Buy DCA




By investing my time in DCA fall of 2019 and launching my first course just 4 years ago I was able to stop working with clients 1-1. When the COVID-19 disaster-hit I was able to answer the call I felt on my heart.

In 2020 I was able to spend 100's of hours learning about and educating small business owners who were navigating their stimulus options. Things were changing every day and I was only able to stay on top of it all because I had already pivoted my business away from 1:1 work. And I was able to charge $0 for this because it is what I wanted to do!

Seemingly overnight my online community grew from 5,000 members to now over 39,000 members.

Meeting Amy and investing in DCA gave me the support and guidance I needed to 10x my business and ultimately change my life. As soon as Amy became my mentor my audience grew and so did my vision for the future of my business!

I am so excited to be partnering with Amy and offering you my EXCLUSIVE bonuses that are designed to help move you forward and keep you profitable. With this program, you’ll finally have the road map to finding the freedom you were looking for when you started your business.

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Jamie Trull DCA Affiliate Partner - Journey of a Digital Course Creator with DCA

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